Monday, 7 June 2010

Ebay - A Fashionista's New Best Friend?

I have to say that recently I've developed an addiction to something which I never thought I would. Something friends used to browse for hours while I stood idly by proclaiming it would never happen to me. But then it did. I developed an addiction to Ebay.

However, after some deep thought and a brief period weighing up the pros and cons, I have finally come to terms with my obsession and, in actual fact, I've decided Ebay is a Fashionista's new best friend. With a clear love for all things vintage emerging over the last few years, fashion followers everywhere have begun scouring Ebay as a means of fulfilling their vintage fashion fantasies.

While many of us may prefer browsing the rails of London's exclusive vintage boutiques, Beyond Retro being a personal favourite of stylists and designers alike, for those who don't have direct access Ebay has provided a sound alternative. And, after countless hours browsing everything from Alexander Wang through to Marc Jacobs and down to Yves Saint Laurent I have to agree, the site really does offer some fantastic finds at some very reasonable prices.

So, now comes the reason for this post - my first purchase on Ebay. Now some may argue it's not technically my purchase (as it was bought for me by a friend) but nevertheless it's the first thing I'm wearing that came from Ebay.

I really LOVED this vintage bracelet when I saw it, especially the size and the way the femininity of the stones is balanced out by masculinity of the metal. It's a great for adding some eye catching detail to a simplistic outfit.

Anyway, I hope you like it, I'll be posting about my first purchase with my own plastic next!



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