Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

After weeks of waiting, hours of listening to the song on repeat and a few tantalising seconds of previews, the sinister, raunchy and mysterious 8 minutes 43 seconds of pure fashion and music orgasm has finally arrived. The video for Alejandro, directed by Steven Klein, has been released and is available to watch NOW!

Beginning with some scarcely dressed military dancers, whose 'crab walk' really rather freaked me out, the song comes in as we see Lady Gaga wearing head piece by Nasir Mazhar.

As the video continues the fashion gets even more Gaga and Formichetti's styling abilities shine once again.

I really loved this spiked helmet by Mouton Collet, pushing the military trend to the extreme.

Gaga watches over some rather attractive male dancers wearing a gorgeous, custom made by Alexander McQueen, black cape with ruffled collar and sleeve detailing.

Things get a bit raunchier as Gaga ditches the heavy jacket and crazy head wear in favor of Calvin Klein underwear and Agent Provocateur stockings.

Gaga wears underwear and jacket, both featuring a bold red cross, by Jaiden RVA James (maybe she's gearing up for the world cup?).

Things get very Madonna in the last few minutes as Gaga wears a custom made David Samuel Menkes machine gun bra. I'm also in love with the custom made Emporio Armani jackets worn by the backing dancers...

So there you have it, another shockingly good 'mini movie' music video from Lady Gaga, directed by the legendary Steven Klein.

My opinion....I prefer the Alejandro song but, for me, it still can beat Telephone. Remember...once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.

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