Friday, 11 June 2010

Topman Bath Store Launch

Stylists and shoes, DJs and dinner jackets, last night Topman Bath had them all at their official launch Party.

After spotting the event on the Topman Twitter, I received a DM from the truly LOVELY person in charge of said Twitter asking if I'd like to pop down and have a browse. So, doing as any self respecting blogger would, I cleared my schedule, grabbed my camera and headed on down.

Featuring some of the same interior design points as the Topman New York Store, I was both amazed and extremely pleased to see that, in a very rare turn of events which I'm sure has caused a rip in the time/fashion continuum somewhere, Topman was on the ground floor! Yes, you did read that right, we've been allowed to shop on the ground floor instead of being banished to the upper or lower levels!

Joking aside, the store is very attractive and I really enjoyed the range of products the have available. Admittedly, it's not the Oxford Circus store but the Bath branch offers some great ranges and I was particularly pleased to see a LTD section as well as a very well stocked shoe department.

The side window display, complete with it's very own Topman Bath!

After having an initial browse around the store, I was introduced to the very fashionable and very friendly head stylists who had travelled down from the London flagship store to dispense their advice to the people of Bath. I asked them both to pick out their 3 favourite pieces from the store and, after a few minutes of them running around and me feeling like the host of supermarket sweep, this is what they came up with.

Top - £18, Chinos - £32, Necklace - £10.

Viv chose this great Topman LTD top which was made of a really fine fabric which was spot on the sheer trend for this season. She also picked out these chinos (I think I actually own them already but I'm not quite sure) and this really cool necklace.

Vest - £10, Jacket - £85, Jeans - £36

Terry mixed up skinnies and a relaxed, loose fitting vest with a more formal jacket.

The staff were also really well dressed, so much so I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of them.

Of course, they're all wearing Topman (Staff discount abuse, that's what I like to see!)

So, the last thing that caught my eye was the shoes. For those of you that don't know, I have a slight *read MAJOR* obsession for shoes and bags and the Topman/Topshop store had plenty of both.

I wanted ALL of these and more. I must apologise to the store assistant for trying on multiple pairs of shoes before deciding to buy a jacket instead...SORRY!

I won't even begin discussing how much I loved Topshop's bag section. However, a special mention has to go out to the mega cute Mulberry Alexa style bag, a great find at £70, just a faction of the price.

So, a new store, new staff and new shopping opportunities but the same great stuff from the brand that's really fashioning the future of the UK high street.


P.S I have to say a huge thank you to Topman's Staff (PR, Marketing and Store) for their hospitality and for generously giving me some vouchers to spend. I'll be letting you know what I bought in tomorrow's blog! You can also check out my coverage of the event (with a few more street style and Stylist session shots) over on Fashion Beans as of tomorrow.


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