Thursday, 22 July 2010

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Bright and early this morning, whilst getting my daily dose of online store browsing, I stumbled across a website I hadn't heard of before and I must say that it didn't take long for me to fall in love with it.

Daniel Jenkins is an independent online menswear boutique which offers some of the very best in new and upcoming British menswear designer talent. From Carolyn Massey to Lou Dalton and Unconditional (all of whom are showing at LFW this coming September) Daniel Jenkins really does offer some of my absolute favourite menswear designer brands.

Trench Coat by Carolyn Massey - £206.50

Originally a store stocking men's and womenswear, when Daniel made the move to becoming an online retailer he decided to focus solely on what he does best - menswear. However, having said that, there is still a small selection of womenswear stock left from the likes of Peter Jensen, Unconditional and YMC so there are still some things left for the girls.

Tweed Flannel Single Breasted Jacket by Lou Dalton - £120.75

I think what attracts me most to this site is it's personality. It's not a big online power house like ASOS or My Wardrobe but a more personalised and exclusive shopping experience. All the items are photographed very simplistically in often what appears to be Daniel's own garden or house. There are multiple shots of each item, covering all the details of the garment which ensure you know exactly how the product looks, inside and out. Furthermore, all the items have personally written descriptions often detailing the inspiration behind the piece, the level of quality or Daniel's personal opinion.

Daniel's philosophy:

Daniel Jenkins Ltd - For several years I have concerned myself solely with the work of British menswear designers. Their deft handling of fabric produces durability, comfort and an unique style. The clothes are wearable, fit for purpose and of merchantable quality. They have a bit about them. Fashion? I’m not sure what that means. Style? Yes, I believe so. The clothes I offer are truly limited edition. I only work with designers who take pains—people open to argument --- who want to hold on to their independence because, like me, they are proud of it. Enough! After all, clothes are just clothes. Still there’s no harm in feeling good every time you put them on.

However, don't be fooled into thinking that this quaint, more personalised format means you'll end up paying through the nose. I would personally describe the site as EXTREMELY good value for money. The products are very well priced, considering their quality and exclusivity, and whats more is that all orders receive FREE UK and International shipping! Now that's something you certainly don't get at many larger online retailers! Daniel also has a sale on at the moment so be sure to check that out for some really fantastic bargains.

In a time in where we are swamped with large scale, globalised online retailers, one can often feel remote and disconnected from the personal side of shopping; feeling as though you are merely a number in an online system, rather than a loyal and valued customer. Daniel Jenkins is a beacon of independence, offering personalised and down to earth service that, once more, allows you to feel connected with the retailer - an experience which, online, is very rare to find.


You can follow Daniel on Twitter at and also read his site's blog HERE.

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