Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Diana Vickers Has A Passion For Fashion

Now I must admit that, before meeting her at T4OTB last Sunday, I hadn't taken a great deal of interest in Miss. Vickers. She seemed friendly enough before but I'd never actually watched her series of X Factor, listened to her singles or even taken notice of her outfits. However, after having a lovely little pow wow in the press tent, I realised Diana is actually a very lovely person and who one, like myself, has a strong passion for upcoming fashion.

Diana poses for the paparazzi while I get a shot of her gorgeous Sass and Bide dress.

Diana was recently a guest at the London College of Fashion BA Graduate show and she is clearly a supporter of new talent within the industry. I asked her what she thought of the show and this is what she had to say:

"Honnestly, I had so much fun there! I love to go to things like that and just see what the young generation are coming up with and see the new trends and everything like that, it's just a great experience. I've even been to events wearing some of their clothes, it's great."

In a time when a lot of celebrities often stick to big name brands and bigger fashion house which are more recognised by their fans, it's great to see a new music artists supporting fresh upcoming talent from the fashion industry. Diana is also hoping to be joining the likes of myself and other fashionistas/fashionistos at London Fashion Week in September.

"I hope I'll be there, I really hope so! I'm actually quite looking forward to seeing Louise Grey, I like her a lot"

Whether she joins us at LFW or not, one thing is for sure, her support of the industries upcoming design talent earns her big Brownie points from me!

I'll leave you with Diana's catchy new single 'The Boy Who Murdered Love'.

Do widzenia


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