Monday, 26 July 2010

FYI Loves...Alex Loves

Today's post just happens to be a very special one for many reasons, the first of which is that this post kick starts a brand new section of FYI BLOG - FYI Loves. Every now and then I'll be writing posts on some of the things that catch my eye and that I absolutely and whole heatedly LOVE. I won't attempt to pretend this is a concept I thought up all by myself as it's an idea I've seen on quite a few blogs and I felt it was a great way of communicating and sharing little snippets of my life, loves and desires with all of you who read FYI.

So, without further ado the first FYI Loves is dedicated to a blog which was the main source of inspiration for this new section, Alex Loves is a really great, down to earth and personal blog, written by Alex Vanthournout, all about the things she loves and mischief she gets up to.

From her constant raving about her love of Erdem to her posts on essentials for every occasion, Alex's posts are always personal, fun and informative (so basically everything I look for in a blog!).

Furthermore, this post actually comes on a very special day as today just happens to be Alex's birthday (nothing to do with the timing of this post, honest...). So, from blogger to blogger, FYI BLOG would like to wish Alex Loves a VERY happy birthday and I hope you have a wonderful day!

However, I do completely and utterly hate (ok, ENVY) you for receiving a brand new Chanel bag, AKA the best birthday present EVER!

You can find Alex's blog at and you can also follow her on twitter HERE.


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Alex Loves said...

Thank you so much - this is one of the best presents I've had today! I'm honoured to be the first in your series!



the style crusader said...

lovely post and totally well deserved to alex. her blog is great and i've been following it for months. looking forward to seeing more of your top blog picks. p.s. totally with you on the bag envy! xx

Amy said...

Aww, cute! Alex is great!

Emily Gordts said...

I love Alex!! For her style and her wit. Happy birthday Alex!!!

S_S said...

I just totally heart Alex!! AMAZING girl!

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