Monday, 5 July 2010

I'll Be Your Papa, Paparazzi...

As most of you are aware from my twitter, yesterday I donned my shorts (well, rolled up chinos), grabbed my RayBans and headed over to T4 on the Beach at Weston-Super-Mare....and what a eventful day it was!

I'll be posting my style coverage a little bit later on but I thought I'd let you in on a little something that happened to me yesterday. There I was, strolling around the backstage area with my camera, trying to avoid watching any second of Jedward performing on stage (although regrettably I could still hear them) and suddenly, as if from nowhere, Edward from Jedward appeared in a wheelchair  being carted down off the stage, surrounded by medics and heading towards an ambulance!

So, doing what many a person would, I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of all the chaos going on. Well, apparently, people pay big dollars for celeb photos now days (shock horror I know!) and so within the hour I'd emailed my photos to and they were being sold around the country.

Thus far you can find them on Mr., The Daily Mail Website, Aol Celebrity News and! I've become a one-time Pap! (or as a fellow press member jokingly described it: 'You've become an official paparazzi! It's people like you that killed Diana!).

Nevertheless, it was all very exciting and I look forward to seeing if they pop up anywhere else! 'Jedward Breaks Leg' today, 'Lohan Knickerless' tomorrow?

Slán go fóill
^ That's Irish, specially for Jedward....


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