Thursday, 19 August 2010

One Boy And His Addiction To Scarves.

Hi, my names Brad and I'm a compulsive scarf buyer. OK, so I'm not quite at the stage where I need to attend shopaholics anonymous because I can't go 24hrs without purchasing. However, I do have quite the thing for scarves. Don't ask me why but I just seem to look at them all the time. Whether I'm out shopping or at home doing a bit of online indulging, there's always a scarf that catches my eye.

And that is exactly what happened to me on Tuesday. I was out having a catch up day with a friend of mine (you know those day's where you just meet up, eat, drink, bitch and shop) and I spotted a rather gorgeous blue scarf just as we went through the door. Now, I'd promised myself I wasn't going to buy anything but there it was just staring at me saying 'I'd look great tied on the handle of your bag' and 'Use me to add a flash of colour to your outfit'. After trying it on and asking my friend what she thought I decided one tiny purchase could hurt - after all, it was a steal at only £7.99. So here it is, the latest addition to my ever growing collection of scarfs.

I really love the bold colours and the vintage inspired print is one of my favourites. As soon as I saw it I just couldn't resist and quite frankly, I didn't want to! I don't even feel the tiniest bit guilty!

Hej då

P.S Apologies for the poor pictures, it was rather gloomy when I wrote this so no pretty outdoor pictures today I'm afraid.


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