Friday, 26 November 2010

Ch, Ch, Ch Changes

Whilst I will admit I'm not always the most observant of people when I'm not looking at clothes, it definitely doesn't take a genius to notice a few things may have changed at FYI Blog since your last visit.

Firstly, after some ummming and ahhhing over whether to change FYI's domain name, I finally decided to take the leap and purchase a domain of my very own. Therefore, you can now find me at (but don't fret if you don't remember it straight away, blogger will redirect you from the old address). You can now also conatct me at

Today also sees the official launch of FYI's Facebook page in all it's glory. All you need to do to like FYI is investigate the little Facebook box in the column to your right and you'll be kept up to date with all the latest posts, videos, pictures and updates!

Lastly, but perhaps most obviously, last week I changed the background image to a shot of my lovely (and not at all heavily featured) friend Nia from a shoot I did a few weeks back. Out of all the images I shot that day, this was definitely my favourite by far.

The background was constructed from individually scrunched and pinned magazine pages and  took rather some time to complete!

So, all in all, I really hope you like the changes and as ever you can always get in touch via Email at, Twitter and now Facebook.

Au Revior


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