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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Milan Menswear Fashion Week

I promised you all I would post links to my coverage of Milan Menswear Fashion Week and so post I will.

You can find coverage of the first two days on Fashion Beans HERE and the second two days HERE.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of next Spring / Summer's collection. From my point of view, it's going to be, as ever, a very exciting season.


Sunday, 27 June 2010

Jewellery Crush: Juun J. Necklace

Things have been manic here at FYI other the last few days! I've been mega busy trying to write all of my coverage for Milan and Paris Menswear fashion weeks as well as organising a little trip out and about next weekend (more details soon). Add a few other thing on top of that and I've been one busy bee!

Although I'm not covering the Menswear shows here on FYI (don't fret, I am covering them elsewhere and will post links as things are published!) I did notice this one necklace over at the Juun. J show and I absolutely HAD to blog about it.
To be honest, I think it pretty much speaks for itself. A really beautiful piece, I would probably sell my soul for this....well....what's left of it.


Image: Via William MG's Blog

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Birthday Shoe Shower...

I would have posted this on the actual day of my birthday only I was so full of cake (don't worry I'm back to calorie counting now!) I couldn't muster the energy to type!

Therefore, today's post is devoted solely to my lovely birthday purchases. Now, I must admit that recently I've noticed a shift in my shopping habits as I'm tending to look more at accessories and shoes than actual clothes these days. I can't quite decide whether this is a good or bad thing but nevertheless I don't think my shoe/bag/necklace/anyitemthatIcanpossiblystickonmybody addiction is going anywhere any time soon!

So rather than try to work out why this is I've decided to simply embrace it until I either change my mind or run out of money (the latter probably coming first). This time I hit the Topman Sale and happened to stumble across two pairs of shoes I rather liked and consequently bought!

I really wanted a new pair of gladiator sandals as they'll definitely be sticking around for S/S 11 (they featured heavily at Milan Menswear Fashion Week this week). This pair was £35 which I though was a very good price considering they are genuine leather. They also fit really well and they're really comfortable to wear thanks to the soft insole.

Now these suede ankle boots were an absolute STEAL. At £30 I couldn't help but fall in love with them! I really love the brogue detailing and they look great with rolled up grey chinos.

Sorry it's a bit of a short post today, I've been a busy trying to sort out London Fashion Week applications all day!


P.S Apologies for the poor image quality, they were taken on my Blackberry.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

NEWGEN MEN S/S 11 Winners Announced

Firstly allow me to apologise for having not blogged for a few days. As many of you will have noticed me shouting on my Twitter, it was my birthday yesterday and so I have spent the last few days being somewhat self indulgent!

However, today sees a very important announcement and one which I personally take a great deal of interest in, the NEWGEN MEN winners.

NEWGEN MEN, much like it's womenswear counterpart, supports young designers with financial backing, as well as a platform to showcase their work. I was lucky enough to see the 4 NEWGEN recipients, Carolyn Massey, JW Anderson, Christopher Shannon and James Long, showcase their collections on the catwalk at LFW last season and I was really impressed by the calibre of new talent coming through from the Menswear sector, not to mention how pleased I was that such talent is being actively supported.

So, without further ado, the NEWGEN MEN winners for Spring/Summer 2011 are as follows:


Christopher Shannon
James Long
JW Anderson

James Long A/W 10


Carolyn Massey
Lou Dalton

Carolyn Massey A/W 10


Christopher Raeburn
James Small
Katie Eary
Omar Kashoura

James Small A/W 10

I must admit I was slightly disappointed to see the number of catwalk recipients decreased from 4 to 3 (particularly as I was greatly impressed by Carolyn Massey last season and I feel she's definitely a designer at the forefront of fresh menswear design talent) but a talented and appealing line up nevertheless and one which I look forward to seeing for myself in September.

Ha det bra

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Burberry S/S 11 Menswear

The Burberry S/S 11 Menswear show was one of those rare events which literally left me speechless. All my poor, fashion drenched brain was able to was able to process and express was how much I completely and whole heatedly ADORED the collection.

Now some people argue that all journalists accentuate their feelings on shows and write glowing reviews purely because that's what they are expected do to. However, I can categorically assure you that this, is NOT one of those cases. Gorgeous trench coats (when are there not amazing trenches at Burberry shows?) , luscious leather and beautiful bags, Burberry Prorsum had it all.

Like many of the big fashion houses, Burberry is still riding the digital fashion waggon and streamed its menswear show live but don't fret if you missed it as you can watch the show HERE.

Here's a few of my favourite looks from the collection:

The outerwear and accessories from the collection is available to buy exclusively on the Burberry website until June 27th so start applying for your next credit card now!

And so, my love affair with Christopher Bailey continues....... Maybe I should make a Bryan Boy on Marc Jacobs style video?


All Images:

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

NEWGEN: Announcement Video

Just a quick early bird post this morning to announce that the British Fashion Council has today released a video of last weeks NEWGEN winners being revealed.

For those of you that don't know, or having been living on a remote fashionless island for the past few years, NEWGEN is an initiative which was launched by the BFC and sponsored by Topshop to offer support to support the most promising talent from the new generation of designers.

Each year the winners are presented in three categories: Those that will be displaying their collections on that catwalk at London Fashion Week, those who will be showing a presentation and finally those who will be exhibiting.

This year the winners were as follows:


David Koma
Holly Fulton
Mary Katrantzou
Michael van der Ham
Peter Pilotto


Craig Lawrence
Louise Gray


Atalanta Weller
Chau Har Lee
Christopher Raeburn
Craig Lawrence
David Koma
Dominic Jones
Fannie Schiavoni
Felicity Brown
Heikki Salonen
Holly Fulton
Jordan Askill
J. JS Lee
JW Anderson
Louise Gray
Mark Fast
Mary Katrantzou
Michael Lewis
Michael van der Ham
Peter Pilotto
Yang Du

You can find the video HERE as well as a list of all their designers and link to their profiles and previous collection pictures on the BFC website HERE.


Image: British Fashion Council.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Dear Burberry...

Pretty, pretty, pretty please can I have a job as some a corporate big shot at your brand? I don't know much about global marketisation, stocks and shares or financial reports but the thing is, there's this pair of shoes I'd really rather like and a £1.82 Million bonus would really come in handy right about now.

Somehow I don't think I'll be getting a job as the CEO at Burberry anytime soon but for current CEO Angela Ahrendts million pound bonuses are more than just a dream, they're a reality. As reported on today, Arendts this year received an annual paycheck of £3.16 million, over half of which came from a staggering £1.82 million bonus.

Emma Watson, the face of Burberry.

However, don't get the impression I'm suggesting this bonus comes undeserved as Arendts has definitely played a key role in steering the Burberry brand towards greater success since she first became CEO 4 years ago. Alongside designer Christopher Bailey, Arendts has steered Burberry away from it's 'knock off, chavtastic' peril and re-solidified the brand's position at the forefront of luxury English fashion. But don't just take my world for it as Burberry has reported a 23% rise in profits, with a 7% increase in sales.

Well, that's enough of my financial time report for today. Here's just a few of the Burberry goodies I would buy if I was on Angela's salary:
Short trench coat with new check lining, £650.

Dégradé V-neck pull over, £395.

Skinny fit denim military shirt, £175

Oversize perspex prism bangle, £225
Check embosses acrylic dégradé bangle, £125.


All images:

Monday, 14 June 2010

Model of the Month: Nia @ Select

This post comes as the first of a brand new monthly feature called Model of the Month (creative title, I know). Each month I will be personally selecting my pick of the hottest new talent in the industry. Be it male or female, each month one lucky model will receive the title 'Model of the Month' and be worshipped in the FYI BLOG hall of gorgeousness - I'm sure they're already queueing up to be honoured with such a prestigious title....

So, without further a do let me introduce this months Model of the Month, Nia @ Select. Now I do have a small confession to make (for which I have already said my 3 'hail coco's). Nia is a very close friend of mine and so I do have a slight underlying personal interest in making her my MotM. However, I thought what better way to kick of a new feature than with a close friend, bros before hoes after all!

Personal friendship aside, I really do believe that Nia is one of the HOTTEST new faces to hit the industry. But don't just take my word for it. Nia has featured in campaigns for Babycakes, presentations for Orla Kiely and editorials in I-D and Test magazine.

I absolutely ADORE the Test Mag editorial (photos 4-6). I'm a complete sucker vintage style and photography and from these shots it's not hard to tell why. Styled by Lyson Marchessault and photographed by Nicholas Lawn, I really believe these looks encompass the aesthetic of the era, not to mention the fact that Nia looks truly gorgeous.

As some of you may be aware, I have been known to dabble in a spot of photography myself and I've previously had the pleasure of shooting Nia for myself. Now, I'm no Marino Testino or Annie Leibovitz but here are some of the shots I've taken of Nia in the past:

You can find all of Nia's details over at


Images: Select and Test Magazine.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Topman Bath Store Launch - The Purchases

As promised, today's blog is dedicated to the gorgeous items that I purchased at the Topman Bath Store Lunch yesterday with my gift card, courtesy of the lovely Topman.

Originally, I ha my heart set on the blue brogue boots I featured on yesterday's blog. However, as I began strolling around the Topshop section of the store, my eye's caught this amazingly gorgeous biker style jacket and I feel in love immediately.

I really love the way it combines the cut of a biker jacket but in a much looser, softer fabric which gives it a great draped effect. It also has some great gathered detailing on the sleeves.

At £70 this is a really good value piece. The detailing, individuality and quality are definitely worth the money. So after my friend telling me I would be having dreams about it for weeks if I didn't buy it, as well as a huge thumbs up from the head Topman stylist, it was bye bye shoes, hello jacket!

Now I may have abandoned one of my major passions but I wasn't about to give up on them both so I made sure a bag was the next thing on my hit list.

I've wanted a satchel for a while now (I can't believe I've only JUST bought one) and this one drew my attention immediately.

This is a really simple, really classic satchel. It's surprisingly roomy inside (could probably fit a mac book) and would look great with some brown brogues. At £30 you can't really go wrong!

No doubt you'll see me wearing my new purchases out and about soon!


Friday, 11 June 2010

Topman Bath Store Launch

Stylists and shoes, DJs and dinner jackets, last night Topman Bath had them all at their official launch Party.

After spotting the event on the Topman Twitter, I received a DM from the truly LOVELY person in charge of said Twitter asking if I'd like to pop down and have a browse. So, doing as any self respecting blogger would, I cleared my schedule, grabbed my camera and headed on down.

Featuring some of the same interior design points as the Topman New York Store, I was both amazed and extremely pleased to see that, in a very rare turn of events which I'm sure has caused a rip in the time/fashion continuum somewhere, Topman was on the ground floor! Yes, you did read that right, we've been allowed to shop on the ground floor instead of being banished to the upper or lower levels!

Joking aside, the store is very attractive and I really enjoyed the range of products the have available. Admittedly, it's not the Oxford Circus store but the Bath branch offers some great ranges and I was particularly pleased to see a LTD section as well as a very well stocked shoe department.

The side window display, complete with it's very own Topman Bath!

After having an initial browse around the store, I was introduced to the very fashionable and very friendly head stylists who had travelled down from the London flagship store to dispense their advice to the people of Bath. I asked them both to pick out their 3 favourite pieces from the store and, after a few minutes of them running around and me feeling like the host of supermarket sweep, this is what they came up with.

Top - £18, Chinos - £32, Necklace - £10.

Viv chose this great Topman LTD top which was made of a really fine fabric which was spot on the sheer trend for this season. She also picked out these chinos (I think I actually own them already but I'm not quite sure) and this really cool necklace.

Vest - £10, Jacket - £85, Jeans - £36

Terry mixed up skinnies and a relaxed, loose fitting vest with a more formal jacket.

The staff were also really well dressed, so much so I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of them.

Of course, they're all wearing Topman (Staff discount abuse, that's what I like to see!)

So, the last thing that caught my eye was the shoes. For those of you that don't know, I have a slight *read MAJOR* obsession for shoes and bags and the Topman/Topshop store had plenty of both.

I wanted ALL of these and more. I must apologise to the store assistant for trying on multiple pairs of shoes before deciding to buy a jacket instead...SORRY!

I won't even begin discussing how much I loved Topshop's bag section. However, a special mention has to go out to the mega cute Mulberry Alexa style bag, a great find at £70, just a faction of the price.

So, a new store, new staff and new shopping opportunities but the same great stuff from the brand that's really fashioning the future of the UK high street.


P.S I have to say a huge thank you to Topman's Staff (PR, Marketing and Store) for their hospitality and for generously giving me some vouchers to spend. I'll be letting you know what I bought in tomorrow's blog! You can also check out my coverage of the event (with a few more street style and Stylist session shots) over on Fashion Beans as of tomorrow.
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